Drywall Contractor.

What Does a Drywall Contractor Do?

The simple answer is, of course, that a drywall contractor installs drywall. However, the reason you should hire one lies in the details.

A professional drywall contractor who works on existing houses starts by removing the old wall material. Usually, this is old drywall that has become damaged over time. Demolition typically doesn’t take long, but due to the nature of drywall, it creates a lot of dust. Therefore, a contractor will be sure to wear a respirator mask and other PPE (personal protective equipment) while doing it. Tarps may also be laid over your furniture, if any is within range of the dust cloud while work takes place. It’s best to entirely remove furniture from the room getting the work, so the coverings would be over the pieces in nearby rooms or hallways.

Next, the drywall contractor will cut new sheets of drywall to size and screw them to the studs. The hardest part of this is lifting them into place. Drywall sheets are big and heavy.

Finally, it’s time to “mud” or “tape” the newly-installed drywall. A plaster-like compound is spread on the walls, and then tape is applied. More “mud” holds the tape in place. Once completed, this will hide all of the seams and screw holes, making the wall look like one huge, solid, piece.

If you want to renew your wall without completely redoing it, you might choose to get wall paper removal instead. Removing wallpaper from drywall is tricky because the paper covering over the wall can be ripped off if the removal is too overzealous. However, professional wall paper removal gives you a great chance of ending up with a fresh, blank wall ready for new wallpaper or a couple of coats of paint.

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