Deck Staining & Restoration.

Deck Staining Restoration

Any structure built with wood (deck, pergola, siding, log homes) should be protected adequately

Against the harmful effects of the climate with a premium quality wood stain since wood is not a cheap building material. It’s an investment. Left unprotected, the lifespan of an exterior wood structure will be shorten considerably. In summer wood surfaces are exposed to UV rays and dry out under the warm sun. There is also exposure to rain, wind, and in the winter, snow and ice. Differentials in temperature make wood materials contract and expand. If wood structures are left unprotected, they will decay, rot and turn into a weathered grey.

High Style painting offers professional affordable wood staining services to Madison homeowners. We only use premium quality wood stain products, the best available, to protect your exterior wood structures against the damaging effects of the weather. In choosing High Style Painting to handle all your wood staining projects, you are choosing to have the best local painting professionals to help you protect your wood structures so you can enjoy them longer. The premium quality wood staining products we use, combined with our expert wood staining application process will yield longer lasting color retention

Pergola Wood Staining

If your deck is showing the effects of weather damage and age and you would like to bring it back to its former beauty High Style Painting can help you. Your deck should be an outdoor living space where you gather with friends and family, not a place you have to worry about maintaining or a space that could cause injury. Our services include:

Instead of rebuilding or replacing your entire deck you could always hire a professional to simply “refinish” your deck. Our deck restoration staff and crew have the expertise and experience to put new life back into your deck. A restoration project is more than just pressure washing.  In fact, there are times when blasting the surfaces with a high pressure stream can easily damage the wood and harm your deck. Our restoration contractors will assess the situation and use professional grade cleaners and brighteners and then use low pressure to wash the surface. Letting the environmentally safe cleaners do the removal work instead of the high pressure avoids the possibility of damage.

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