Floor Painting.

Floor Painting: An Oft-Overlooked Option

Many people know that floor painting is an option for decks and patios, where it is done to reduce the need for maintenance. However, in some areas, it is also used on regular interior floors. This type of home painting allows a finish to be quickly and easily applied to the floor. It is also far more affordable than pretty much any tiling or carpeting option.

One of the most important parts of floor painting is choosing a good, durable paint. Unlike walls, which are rarely touched on purpose, floors get trod on every day. This creates abrasion that average paints can’t stand up to. To prevent problems with durability, use a specialized floor paint. This type of paint is often marketed to those who want to paint their decks, and has a high gloss finish to better resist dirt and wear.

Since deck paint is intended for exterior use, it tends to emit more smells as it cures. Therefore, it can be a good idea to plan on being away for a while after using it for interior home painting.

The idea of simply painting your floors like you would your walls and ceilings may seem strange in some areas, but there are certain locales where it is nothing new at all. Those who grow up in such areas are often surprised when they move away and see something else on a residential floor. Often, they find that alternatives like vinyl tile or carpeting are touchy and expensive, and that they need more work to maintain.

If you need a new look for your floor, and you want to get it without paying several dollars per square foot, call a painter.

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