Deck Staining Restoration.

How are Pressure Washing Services and Deck Staining Restoration Connected?

Keeping a wooden deck looking great requires ongoing maintenance. Typically, this maintenance involves sealing, with or without staining, and must be redone every few years. Decks in harsh environments may need this work to be done more often.

Sealing a deck is important for keeping rain and sun from causing cracks, rot, and other problems with the wood. However, it is not the first step in the maintenance process. Instead, the first step is to clean the deck to remove existing debris, mold, and grit. Pressure washing services are typically called in to do this part. A pressure washer is able to get grime out from emerging cracks as well as the normal grain in the wood.

Once the pressure washing services are complete, the deck is left to dry for a couple of days. If it rains, the drying time is extended.

After the wood is dry, it’s time to start with deck staining restoration, if a stain is desired. The stain should be applied so that it is not blotchy, but this can be challenging for non-professionals. Therefore, pros may be called in to take care of this part.

Some deck staining restoration products have sealers mixed in, and in this case, the job will be done once the stain is dry. However, many people prefer separate stains and sealers so they get better control over the result. If separate products are used, the sealant is applied last so that the stain is protected. Extra drying time will be needed between the applications for separate products so that each one adheres well and uneven mixing is avoided.

While some enjoy doing their own deck sealing restoration as a weekend project, it’s usually better to hire pros. Not only is it less work for the homeowner, but pros almost always provide better results.

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