Cabinet Refinishing & Repainting.

The Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing & Repainting

Painting services aren’t just for walls and ceilings. By hiring them to redo your cabinets, you can save a huge amount of money compared to buying new units.

Cabinet refinishing & repainting are similar, but not identical, services. This is because refinishing with stain is far touchier than doing it with paint. Stain, when not applied expertly, is prone to blotching. With cabinets and any other prominent household fixtures, it’s worth it to pay a professional to be sure that this doesn’t happen.

Painting, on the other hand, is easier in terms of the level of skill required. Paint is made to sit on surfaces, rather than sinking in like stain. Good results can be obtained by masking the hinges and knobs, and then applying the paint with a reasonable amount of care.

Despite these differences, both cabinet refinishing & repainting start with a thorough cleaning of the cabinets. If paint is already present, it might need to be stripped, as well. This ensures that there will be a good surface for the new finish to adhere to. It is especially important in the kitchen, where a layer of grease will likely be present on the original finish. Grease naturally cancels the adhesion of new paints and stains.

As you can see, painting and staining aren’t as easy as videos sometimes make it seem. Hiring painting services is your best bet if you want to be ensured of great results on the first try. It is a great option if you want to avoid the expense of replacing your cabinets or their doors, but still want a top-notch result.

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